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ECEN has experienced personnel and external partners, engineers, economists, lawyers who have specialized in the implementation of Small Hydropower Plants.

With years of experience provides reliable, high quality services across the spectrum of development and operation of a Small Hydropower Plant.


+Initial assessment / Flow Measurements

The initial evaluation of the hydro potential and the correct location is perhaps the most important part of developing a small hydropower plant. Since the implementation of a small hydropower power plant involves a large number of factors (hydrological, environment, grid, access, construction etc., a very good and comprehensive knowledge of the field of Small Hydropower Plants, is essential.

ECEN with longtime involvement in this field and with its experienced scientific personnel, guarantees the reliable evaluation and optimal solution for the development of a potential site.

ECEN owns the required equipment and undertakes flow measurements and hydrological data collection.

+Licensing Procedures

Authorisation for Small Hydropower Plants is usually governed by a vague and labyrinthine legislation, requiring the cooperation of many public authorities and a large number of approvals, which makes the licensing of a small hydropower plant extremely time-consuming, arduous and expensive.

ECEN has licensed a large number of Small Hydropower Plants and is fluent with licensing procedures and their peculiarities, undertakes the licensing of Small Hydropower Plants and guarantees the best possible results.

+Design & Engineering

The construction of a Small Hydropower Plant is a complex engineering project in which a great deal of factors are involved, technical studies, both initial and implementation, are crucial for the proper development of a site and for the return on investment.

ECEN with its long and varied experience and with a team of experienced engineers, always provide its partners excellent technical studies and solutions to whatever problems arise.

+Equipment Consultation

Choosing the right equipment is what makes a Small Hydropower Plant a safe and profitable investment. As each small hydropower plant is a complex project with many peculiarities, the choice of the most suitable equipment requires excellent knowledge of technical aspects and market suppliers.

ECEN with many years of experience has worked with leading equipment manufacturing companies and is able to provide reliable advice on choosing the most suitable equipment in a wide range of applications including:

  • Turbine - Generators
  • Automation systems
  • Hydraulic systems - components
  • Penstock
  • Communication Applications

  • +Project Management

    The supervision of the construction of a Small Hydropower Plant is a process that requires the cooperation of multidiscipline expertise. Proper supervision keeps construction costs low and ensures the construction quality of the project.

    ECEN has extensive experience and has developed at an excellent degree the necessary structures to be able to carry out the supervision of construction of small hydropower plants of any level of complexity and difficulty. ECEN has also developed a network of collaborators, the selection of which, was made with the highest construction quality criteria. Moreover, the company has procedures which can evaluate and propose new partners, expanding the available choices.

    ECEN ensures high quality results with the construction supervision and construction project management services, carried from its experienced engineers.

    +Financing Consultation

    A Small Hydropower Plant is a capital intensive investment and requires significant fund for construction while the operating costs are relatively low. So the selection and finding of the most appropriate funding, especially for projects with low profitability is what will determine whether an investment in Small Hydropower Plant is viable and profitable.

    ECEN having participated in a large number of projects has created long-term partnerships with financial institutions and the specialized experience gained, brings the company in a position to offer advice, on the financing of projects and the possibilities for integrating them in subsidized programs when they are available.

    +Operation and maintenance

    A constructed Small Hydropower Plant in order to become productive, has to achieve optimal exploitation of the existing hydro potential and high availability of the power generation equipment. This is possible with the proper management of all resources, personnel and equipment, the implementation of an effective maintenance system and the immediate restoration of any malfunction.

    On sites where ECEN is responsible for maintenance and operation management, it follows, strict maintenance schedules, 24 hour monitoring, intervenes and restores immediately any arising breakdown, achieving excellent grade of availability of power production units.

    Also ECEN has developed a network of partners to provide even very specialized services such as:

  • Inspection on energy system efficiency
  • Inspections on generator and turbine operation
  • Electrical inspections and malfunction restorations

  • +Refurbishment and improvements

    A series of problems, such as aging of the installed equipment, poor initial design, various technical problems, frequent breakdowns, low quality equipment and a low degree of availability, reduce the productivity of many hydropower power plants. In these later cases it is needed to improve and upgrade the operations with refurbishment, reconstructions and improvements in infrastructure and equipment.

    ECEN with the experienced technical personnel, can provide consultation on improving the operation of a power plant and undertake the design and implementation of any work required to increase the productivity of a plant, such as replacing outdated electrical and mechanical equipment, infrastructure modifications, amendments in operation mode and plant monitoring.

    +Due Diligence

    A Small Hydropower Plant can be a safe and profitable investment if an accurate due diligence is preceded. The implementation and operation of a Small Hydropower Plant is influenced by a large number of factors, technical, financial or legal ,so due diligence becomes extremely difficult and requires specialized professionals who beyond the technical and economic knowledge hold a full and comprehensive knowledge of the field of Small Hydropower Plants.

    ECEN has experienced personnel and external partners, engineers, economists, lawyers who have specialized in the implementation of Small Hydropower Plants and can provide reliable consultation and due diligence for Small Hydropower Plants, whether they are still under design or in operation.

    +Partnership consultation

    The technology of Small Hydropower Plants is one of the most mature technologies and investments in them are the most secure and efficient, which is why there is huge interest from many companies across Europe to invest in this field. Many of them have extensive financial potential but are lacking of licensed projects. As well there are many, either small companies or individuals who have completed the licensing of hydro plants but for various reasons do not have the financial ability to realize these projects.

    ECEN operates in the Small Hydropower Plant field for 16 years, knows the entire European market, knows and has occasionally worked with companies that have great financial potential and are interested in investing in Small Hydropower Plants, as well as individuals who have projects under authorization but for economic reasons cannot pursue them. ECEN, confidentially provides reliable consultation on proper technical and financial evaluation of a Small Hydropower Plant, finding reliable partners and contributes effectively in beneficial agreement establishments, for both sides, aiming at the implementation of Small Hydropower Plants.

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